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  1. Following a Site Survey Meteora Limited will make recommendations on the suitable positioning of the GumTarget hardware. Often much can be achieved by focusing on a concentrated area where gum deposits are most prevalent and create major negative impact.
  2. We will supply the GumTarget disposal device for installation in accordance with the approved Site Survey. GumTargets fit to existing posts, railings or walls. We can also provide the fixing service required to attach the GumTarget. A full installation guide is provided.
  3. Where appropriate we will help in the co-ordination of a high profile media campaign educating the public as to the unique and damaging affects of chewing gum litter whilst also promoting GumTargets unique solution, encouraging interest and actively promoting public participation.
  4. We also provide a continuous campaign of topical, entertaining and amusing GumSheet designs aimed at communicating directly with the gum chewing public, attracting their attention and promoting responsible gum disposal. Please contact us for more information and samples of these engaging designs.
  5. The GumTargets will be inspected regularly and where necessary the GumSheet and attached gum should be removed and a replacement GumSheet attached. We recommend that this simple maintenance is built into any existing regime such as litter bin servicing. A full service guide is available. In certain circumstances we can provide a fully managed contract that includes the regular maintenance of the GumTarget in situation.

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