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“We introduced GumTargets on a trial basis at one of the schools we manage to help us reduce chewing gum litter. We are very pleased with the results. The pupils really like them, they are getting lots of use and we have now extended the scheme into a number of other school sites.”

Frazer Simpson – Carillion Service Solutions

“The GumTargets have made such a difference to the village centre. The GumTargets are wonderful, absolutely marvellous. We are so pleased with how well they are working. Super!”
Liz James – Varrier Jones Foundation

University of Bradford

“The GumTargets are up and being well used by the students. They are helping reduce our gum litter problems”
Pam Sheldon – University of Bradford

Bangor Erris

“Have been using GumTargets all summer and have had quite a significant amount of success in that they have been used quite a bit."
Brid Carolan – Bangor Erris Today Town, Ireland


“Initial Cleaning Services in partnership with Aviva's Waste policies have recently launched GumTargets as a way of combating littered chewing gum in their Call Centre Environments. The trial is progressing well, and we would be happy to roll this out to other locations in due course.”
Mike Davis - Aviva Waste & Environmental Manager, Initial Cleaning Services

Harrow College

“We are aiming to prevent chewing gum litter reaching the floor in the first place, by asking the students to put their gum on the GumTargets. By raising awareness of this problem we hope to continue to improve the high standards already set at Harrow College.”
Ian Kavanagh - Harrow College, Middlesex

Kingston First

'GumTargets have been a real success in Kingston upon Thames and are an innovative way of helping people to make the right choice of where to dispose of their gum.'
Lucinda Raggett, Operations Manager, Kingston Town Centre Management

CV One

"It is fair to say that both the cleansing and grounds team and I have been amazed by the response to the GumTargets shown by the general public. We have placed approximately 70 targets in Coventry City Centre and each unit is being very well used. We are replacing the gum stickers every two or three days at some locations near fast food shops and the total usage by the public has been excellent."
Gary Pittway, CV One management, Coventry

South Oxfordshire District Council

"We had our first school litter sessions yesterday and the GumTargets were a great success."
Matthew Beesly, Waste Reduction Officer, Environmental Service, South Oxon

Stevenage Council

"Our town centre is significantly cleaner since we introduced the GumTargets and it is pleasing to see schools embracing this scheme. Just one piece of chewing gum dropped on the ground costs an average of 30 pence to remove, so cleaning it up is an expensive business. Anything that can help reduces this problem while also promoting environmental awareness amongst young people is a valuable initiative."
Executive Councilor for Environment and E-Government, Richard Henry, Stevenage Borough Council

Maidstone Borough Council

"Thoughtlessly discarded gum disfigures many key thoroughfares, giving rise to nuisance and hygiene concerns. GumTargets have provided the necessary fun, incentive and information to encourage the public to dispose of their chewing gum responsibly and assist the Council in keeping our Town clean."
Cllr. Tony Harwood, Cabinet Member for Environment, Maidstone Borough Council

Huntingdonshire Council

"The GumTarget Initiative works within our parameters of sustainability and litter reduction. We particularly liked the way the GumTargets fit into our street scene environment and the way in which the GumSheets actively encourage chewers to be responsible with their chewing gum."
Council Leader, Huntingdonshire District Council


'GumTargets have proven extremely popular here at the CLC@Brislington, with students, staff and visitors alike. We have noticed a significant drop in the amount of nuisance gum litter since we implemented the scheme.' Karen Langdon, Teacher

Redbridge Borough

"Discarded chewing gum is considered by the public as one of the worst forms of litter. Irresponsible disposal of used chewing gum is having an impact on the appearance of our surroundings; it creates an impression of a poorly maintained space and generates unnecessarily expensive cleansing costs".
Councillor Peter Goody, Cabinet Member for Highways & Cleansing, London Borough of Redbridge

North Warwickshire Borough Council

"I'm pleased to report that over the last three weeks, the GumTargets have been well used."
David Baxendale, Environmental Health Manager, North Warwickshire Borough Council

East Riding of Workshire Council

"Whilst the council takes pride in the appearance of its shared public spaces, the amount of gum littering these areas is a nuisance and offensive to many. It is also costing the council thousands of pounds to remove."
Councillor Symon Fraser, Portfolio holder for the environment, East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Blackpool Council

"It's no surprise that people get fed up of seeing chewing gum lying around the town; dropping it on the pavement is a filthy habit. It can stick to your clothes and shoes and costs the Council - and the tax payer - thousands of pounds to remove from the streets. One of our priorities is to tidy up the town and tackle litter, and through this GumTarget campaign people will have no excuse but to dispose of their gum responsibly."
Cllr Ian Fowler, Cabinet Member with responsibility for waste, Blackpool Council

Luton Borough Council

"Since the initiative was launched we have noticed a direct reduction in the amount of chewing gum on the streets in the area where the GumTargets are located. We have also reduced the frequency of street cleansing and associated costs. Local support, including the media has been excellent and feedback from the public has been very positive. Overall we are extremely pleased with the GumTarget initiative and in view of this, have decided to continue with the scheme."
Jon Maddox Head of Enforcement, Luton Borough Council

Swansea City Centre Partnership

''Our City Centre is significantly cleaner since we introduced GumTarget. GumTarget provides a safe and effective means of gum disposal and also raises awareness of the problem with a local media campaign"
Nicola Parkinson, Swansea City Centre Partnership

London Borough of Ealing

"When I first heard about GumTargets I thought they were a quirky idea but I hadn't realised quite what an impact they would have on the streets of Acton. 20,000 pieces of used chewing gum could now be sticking to residents' shoes and clothes, littering our pavements, and making the town look unsightly, but instead they have been quickly and easily removed and disposed of."
John Delaney, Cabinet Member for Streets and Environment, London Borough of Ealing

Bournemouth Borough Council

"The GumTarget initiative has done a wonderful job of raising the profile of gum, litter in the town. The public are now more aware of the issues surrounding gum disposal and a large volume of used gum is being collected by the GumTargets."
Bob Chapman, Council Leader, Bournemouth Borough Council

Kirklees Metro Council

"We have tried several initiatives in Kirklees, such as providing 'gum bins'. While these have helped to some degree to reduce gum litter it is still a major problem on our streets. A large amount of chewing gum has been collected by the GumTargets, reducing the amount of carelessly discarded gum on the streets. Over time this will help us maintain the appearance of the town and reduce costs of specialist cleansing services."
Leader of the Council, Kirklees Metropolitan Council

Sheffield City Council

"We are extremely encouraged by the early results of our GumTarget pilot sites. The public have demonstrated their acceptance of this method of disposal by depositing a large amount of gum on the conveniently located GumTargets."
Gill Furniss, Cabinet Member for Development, Environment, and Leisure, Sheffield City Council


"By passing the responsibility for disposal back to the chewer rather than simply clearing up their littered gum we will raise awareness of this problem and reduce the amount of gum deposits on the streets"
Tim Jones of the Council

Kings Lynn Council

"We work hard to keep the town clean and tidy; we have recently put a huge effort into removing chewing gum deposits. This is expensive and time consuming'. He continued 'I was contacted by the girls who wanted to try to help make the town a cleaner place by reducing chewing gum litter. I thought this was a great idea and wanted to offer full support. It is great to see our young people taking such and interest in their environment"
Chris Bamfield of the Council

Plymouth City Centre Partnership

"At first I was dubious as to how the GumTargets would be perceived, however they have proved to be a real success with shoppers and visitors to Plymouth City Centre. We are pleased to continue using the GumTargets in the future ."
Mike Artherton - City Centre Partnership


"These GumTargets are about raising awareness as the gum is far better there than on the floor. Following their success in Wimbledon they have been introduced to Raynes Park, Morden and Mitcham."
Pat DeJesus Graffiti Projects Officer

City of Bradford Council

'The GumTargets have been well used with a large amount of gum deposited on them'
Clare, Senior Marketing Officer, Bradford Council

Chesterfield Borough Council

"The GumTargets get to the cause of the problem, providing an attractive alternative to dropping used chewing gum. We're really excited about this new initiative. We have worked with Meteora Ltd to understand the reasons why people drop used chewing gum and to identify the worst affected areas."
Cllr Keith Morgan, Chesterfield Borough Council's Lead Member for Environmental Services

Wolverhampton City Council

"I'm really pleased with how well the GumTargets are working. The early results are really encouraging."
Andy Hall, Head of Public Protection for Wolverhampton City Council

Stevenage Borough Council

"Our town centre is significantly cleaner since we introduced the GumTargets and it is pleasing to see schools embracing this scheme. Just one piece of chewing gum dropped on the ground costs an average of 30 pence to remove, so cleaning it up is an expensive business. Anything that can help reduce this problem while also promoting environmental awareness amongst young people is a valuable initiative."
Executive Councillor for Environment and E-Government, Richard Henry

Preston City Council

"The GumTargets are being really well used"
Sonia Scocroft, Litter Education Officer

Haringey Council

"GumTargets have been well used"

Harlow Council

91% of the public surveyed said they really like GumTarget.
Harlow Council

Bishops Gore School

'We are pleased with the positive impact of GumTarget, they are being well used, pupils like them and there has been no negative impact'
Jayne Jones - Bishop's Gore School

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