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Thank you for taking the time to understand how we can help you find a chewing gum litter solution that really works.

Chewing gum litter can be a real nuisance. Responsible gum disposal is essential. Chewing gum removal through steam cleaning or specialist chewing gum services does nothing to address the problem of littered gum.

We have been working hard to reduce the amount of gum littered in the UK since 2003. Our approach provides a high profile, affordable, low risk and effective way to reduce your chewing gum litter problems. Our results speak for themselves.

Please navigate through our site, look at our Case Studies and see the results we can achieve for you, read what our customers say about us and how much the public like GumTarget, review the media coverage to see how much awareness GumTarget can achieve and how supportive the media are of our approach. Take a look at the GumTarget gallery to see for yourself how well we fit in with the street scene whilst remaining noticeable and high profile. Hopefully we can help you understand how GumTarget really does provide a unique solution to the unique issues presented by chewing gum litter.

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