The Issue > Our Aims and Objectives

To raise awareness of and significantly reduce chewing gum litter in community spaces.

We hope our individual objectives can make marked environmental differences locally, using a sustainable and visibly effective form of chewing gum litter prevention, whilst helping to encourage the citizen to have pride in place.

  1. To use our unique and effective chewing gum disposal design to prevent and reduce chewing gum litter providing a long-term solution.
  2. To create an educated shift in consumer behaviour and attitudes, concerning the correct disposal of chewing gum litter through direct communication with the gum chewing public, encouraging positive personal responsibility towards chewing gum disposal.
  3. To help promote a sense of civic pride in ones community and living space.
  4. To ensure that our streets are clean and free from chewing gum litter. By promoting responsible disposal through the use of GumTargets thus making a positive contribution to a local community's quality of life.
  5. To work hard with National and Regional Government Departments, as well as local councils and communities, enhancing local areas whilst reporting regularly on our progress. We are committed to helping deliver, in partnership with others, a more sustainable environment for all.
  6. To raise awareness of the negative implications, resulting from chewing gum litter, through education, advertising and support of local and regional waste management departments, promoting encouragement of responsible behaviour rather than criticising negative behaviour.
  7. To build relationships and actively engage with local media, promoting the positive efforts of both the council and GumTargets.
  8. To reduce the necessity for specialist cleansing services by reducing the overall build up of chewing gum deposits.

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