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Meteora Limited recognised a continuous growth within the chewing gum market, correlating with an incessant increase in chewing gum litter. Meteora were more than aware of the damaging affects of this unique litter and the cost of cleansing to others. The gum disposal market was relatively unheard of and relentless, repetitive, expensive and inconvenient cleansing was the only considered approach.

Meteora Limited created GumTarget after a mountain of research concluded that no ordinary solution could tackle this unique litter. Bins had always been around and seem to make little difference. The public wanted a solution that was exciting, offering an incentive to change their behaviour and was most of all... fun.

GumTarget were created with the aim of effecting an educated shift in consumer behaviour and attitudes, prompting people to dispose of their gum in a dedicated location through a conscious act.

GumTarget is a unique form of hardware designed to fix to an existing lamp column, signpost, bus stop or railing. GumTargets are made from powder-coated steel and are slightly larger than A4. More significantly they are also resistant to rust and vandalism due to its unique design. Take a look at our gallery to see how sympathetic they are to the streetscape whilst remaining high profile and effective.

The front of the GumTarget is covered with a removable, printed GumSheet on which the public are encouraged to stick their used chewing gum. The GumSheets carry an integrated campaign of messages and designs that are aimed at capturing the attention of the gum chewing public, encouraging them to modify their behaviour and dispose of their gum through the use of GumTarget. The GumTarget collects and contains used chewing gum before it becomes a problem within any public space. This is why the GumTarget is so effective, these GumSheets catch people's attention, encouraging responsible disposal - and because the designs change regulalrly there is no risk of people starting to ignore them. It's like an advertising campaign directed at gum litterers every day of every week, year in, year out.

Follow this link to view examples of our GumSheet designs. We think you'll agree that they certainly catch your attention.

GumTargets are an environmentally friendly and conscientious product providing communities, councils, authorities and institutions with an active and unique approach to targeting unwanted chewing gum.

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