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All GumTarget carry a unique form of continuous messaging. GumSheets are specifically designed to engage the gum chewing public and provide an incentive for the correct disposal of chewing gum. GumSheets however also provide a campaign of entertaining and educational designs, calling attention to the damaging long term affects of chewing gum litter.

Below are the listed GumSheet Objectives that we at Meteora believe are fundamental when designing GumSheets:

  • To encourage the gum chewing public to use GumTargets as a means of chewing gum disposal
  • To promote GumTargets and raise awareness of chewing gum litter
  • To captivate the public and encourage positive word of mouth
  • To be entertaining and modern
  • To catch the public's eye and generate some form of active response.

GumSheets must be clear, innocuous and easy for the largest majority of the gum chewing public to relate too. The public and therefore the end users must feel they can approach a GumTarget. They must be noticeable but not forceful.

GumTargets and thus their GumSheets should commend responsible chewing gum disposal and in no means condemn those who act irresponsibly. They should be entertaining and represent an incentive for using the hardware, should this be through humour, heroics, celebrity faces or voting choices.

GumSheet designs can be adapted to different market environments targeting a broad demographic range or a niche market.

Meteora Limited understands the need for effective and continuous promotional material. Therefore Meteora is unique in not only its hardware design but also its supportive communication. Meteora relies on no short-term theatrics but believes in building long term one to one relationships with local, regional and national media. At the core of its message are enthusiasms for a community's establishments and public space as well as accountability for the incorrect disposal of chewing gum and its long term damaging affects (be it degrading a community, an establishment, encouraging neglect or draining a council's budget).

Meteora prides itself on independent consumer research into attitudes and behavioural affects to continuously improve its product.

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